As I was nearing 40, I was looking to make a change in my lifestyle. My husband suggested I train with someone that I thought would challenge me and push me. I knew Wil from kickboxing at that time and knew that I would get a hard workout. I knew that Wil thinks out of the box when it comes to exercise – it’s not just straight lunges , squats and bicep curls but a full body experience that’s challenging but fun. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been training with Wil and in that time I’ve lost the “last 5 pounds”, ran several 5Ks, a 10K and a half marathon and 2 obstacle races. It’s not just the session with Wil but what I take from it and look forward to every week – the challenge of pushing myself past my comfort level, the advice about eating, working out and stretching, and the friendship of someone who truly loves what he does and cares about his clients. I am in better health and physical shape now than I was when I was younger!


#wilton Tejada is the best trainer you can have he is always pushing you to be the best and to take the best out of you and always giving you that push that we all need when we want to give up always saying come one more time never give up anything is possible in life as long as you keep trying and have a good trainers that motivates you every time and cares about you thats what every one needs in life he is the man he is the best trainer out there! wilpowerfitness every day all day!


Wilton Tejada has changed my life. As someone who had resisted serious exercise for most of my adult life, I had no idea what a difference an excellent trainer could make. His program, designed specifically for my needs, has made me stronger and has improved my health. He is patient, thoughtful, and watches me carefully. Wil has been training me for nine years and I cannot imagine life without our weekly routine.


Thank you, Wil, for making me strong. I never imagined I'd be doing push-ups and squats, lunges and weight lifts. Whenever I tried with other trainers I got hurt. You keep me safe. Though I don't love the actual exercises, I always look forward to our sessions. The time flies as we examine -- and laugh about -- life. You make me work, but keep it fun.

Thank you, too, from the bottom of my heart for being the person I could rely on to help my dad in his 90's be as strong and flexible as possible.

You empower. You inspire. You're the best!


Training with Wil these last few years has been life changing. He continuously pushes me to achieve more than I ever could've imagined. He's an inspirational trainer and a great friend.


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