Speed Bounding and Plyometrics

If you want to run fast, the best exercise or drill is running fast. Simple. If you are going to do weights, try to do them standing up on 2 feet, because that’s how you run. If you are going to do squats, do them standing. No seated squats or leg presses! If you want to do leg curls (for a young developing athlete, or to sort out muscle imbalances), then find a machine that you can do them standing. Emulate the running motion as much as possible. There is no Olympic event lying on your back and lifting a […]

Want to Lose Weight? Water is the Answer

We know that drinking water is essential to keep us healthy. It boosts energy, keeps our skin moist, relieves fatigue and benefits our health in many ways. Yet when talking about water and weight loss, it’s outright confusing. From Ornish to Atkins diet, practically every diet plans recommend drinking lots of water to lose weight. At the same time, you must have heard of water weight and how it makes you heavier. So does water help you lose weight or is it purely a myth? And if it seriously helps, how many ounces of water should you drink a day […]

Training Tips for First Time Marathoners

Though the months of long runs and speed work are behind you, in the days before your goal marathon, there is still plenty you can do to make or break your race. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about those critical days leading up to race day. Should I run the day before the race or rest completely? It’s up to you. While some people like to fully rest in the days before the race, others like to run 1 to 2 easy miles to shake out sore muscles, burn off the nervous energy, and […]

The Science Behind the One-Inch Punch

Forget all those broken boards and crumbled concrete slabs. No feat of martial arts is more impressive than Bruce Lee’s famous strike, the one-inch punch. From a single inch away, Lee was able to muster an explosive blow that could knock opponents clean off the ground. Lee mastered it, fans worldwide adored it, and Kill Bill “borrowed” it. But if you’re like us, you want to know how it works. While the biomechanics behind the powerful blow certainly aren’t trivial, the punch owes far more to brain structure than to raw strength. Biomechanical Breakdown To understand why the one-inch punch […]

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