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As a personal trainer, self defense instructor, and marathoner, Wil Tejada is the manifestation of dedication and discipline.

Wil Tejada started training in the martial arts at the age of 12 and worked his way through the ranks to become a Master holding a 6th degree black belt in the Art of Sho-Yun-O.

While in college, Wil became a karate instructor. After graduating from college, his passion for teaching and helping others improve their mind and body led him to become a personal trainer.

Mr. Tejada is always trying to push the limits of his clients and himself. This led him to distance running. To date Wil has run over 20 Half-Marathons and has completed 11 Marathons.

As a trainer and coach, he is focused on creating new methods and techniques of pushing the body and mind to new limits.

oneStrength Training

When working with clients, we use different modes of exercise to create resistance, with the goal of building strength. The form of resistance can vary from one’s own body weight to dumbbells or resistance bands. Strength training increases lean body mass and burns calories more efficiently. Reduction in body fat results in a leaner look and stronger physique.
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Boxing and kickboxing are great ways to get a good workout or to learn some self defense. From the beginner to the more advanced, we will guide you through the proper techniques to be successful in these sports.

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threeStrength and Conditioning for Older Clients

As we get older the need to stay healthy and strong is very important. One of Mr. Tejada’s specialty is training clients over the age of 65. He has trained clients well into their 90’s. He uses strength and conditioning exercises to strengthen their muscles and core. He also focuses on their flexibility and balance. These are are all key elements to living a healthy and active lifestyle as we get older.

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fourHalf Marathon and Marathon Training

Running is a great way to get in shape. Whether you want to run for fun or to build up to a marathon, we are here to help. Beginners will get their own personal running assessment. The assessment includes an overview strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises and mileage needed to prevent injuries. More experienced runners will get a similar assessment focusing more on mileage and speed to cover the longer distances.
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